We build durable sheds on-site in the Utica, NY / Rome, NY area.

Benjamin Oxenford | Apr 25, 2022

We just finished this large 12x16 shed.

Benjamin Oxenford | Mar 28, 2022

If you're in Whitestown, NY and need to know about a shed building permit and property line setbacks, here's the info...

Benjamin Oxenford | May 27, 2021

Is a building permit required for a shed in Rome, NY?

Benjamin Oxenford | May 17, 2021

A top question about sheds is if a building permit is required by your town. For the Village of Canastota NY, here's some info.

Benjamin Oxenford | May 13, 2021

Is a building permit required to build a shed in the Town of Marcy, NY?

Benjamin Oxenford | May 09, 2021

Here's a nice little 8'x8' shed being build on-site in Floyd, NY.

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