Building permit and property line setbacks for a shed in Whitestown, NY

Posted On Mar 28, 2022 |

If you're in Whitestown, NY and need to know about a shed building permit and property line setbacks, here's the info...

Each township has rules about the building of structures and how the land is used (often called the "codes"). Although inconvenient when building, it ends up being a good thing for the community in the long run, plus it helps neighbors get along.

The Town of Whitestown has their building permit form which states the requirements of "accessory buildings" in residential areas. You may also want to look up your zoning district on their zoning map. Here are some example items from the R-80 residential zone:

  • The height of the shed must be less than 15 feet above ground level.
  • A shed may not take up more than 2% of the building lot
  • The shed must be set back from the property lines at least this much:
    • front = 30 feet
    • side and back = 5 feet (or 10 feet if the shed is larger than 144 sq ft)

Also, any size shed needs to have a building permit. The amount is based on the size of the shed, but is around $35 for medium size sheds. The permit fee is paid when the permit is picked up.

Disclaimer: any of this information could have changed since the time of this posting, so you should still check with the Town of Whitestown by calling the codes department at (315)768-0229.

For other towns, check with your own local city or town office.

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