Do you need a building permit for a shed in Marcy, NY?

Posted On May 13, 2021 |

Is a building permit required to build a shed in the Town of Marcy, NY?

A common question about sheds is if a building permit is required (i.e. people search for "sheds without permits" and "sheds without planning permission" and even "sheds without council approval.") Since this is a common question, here's the relevant info for Marcy, NY.

Building / Public Works / Sewer / Code Enforcement

Building Codes

Building permits are required for ALL new construction, including but not limited to alterations, additions, signs (temporary and/or permanent), swimming pools, towers/antenna's/satellite dishes, accessory buildings, residential and commercial construction, home occupations and demolitions. All plans submitted with a permit application are reviewed to insure compliance with Building and Zoning Codes prior to issuing the building permit.

However, the Building Permit Fee Schedule states, "Accessory buildings equal to, or greater than 144 sq ft requires a permit." (as adopted by Town Board 1/23/2020.)

If you need it, here is the Building Permit Application

In any case, before you build, check with the Town of Marcy to ensure you have the correct and current information. (It might have changed since this writing.)

There are similar rules for other towns, but again, check with your own local city or town office. 

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