Need a building permit for a shed in Canastota, NY?

Posted On May 17, 2021 |

A top question about sheds is if a building permit is required by your town. For the Village of Canastota NY, here's some info.

Each town and village has rules governing the building of structures and how the land is used. This sets some standards and helps neighbors get along.

Here are relevant entries from the Village of Canastota legislation:

ยง 230-114 Accessory building in residential districts.
[Amended 8-6-2018 by L.L. No. 5-2018]
 Outbuildings, garages, carports, storage sheds, greenhouses and all similar accessory use buildings must be attached to the principal structure on the lot, except that each residential use may have not more than two unattached accessory structures per lot.

 An accessory structure that exceeds 144 square feet of floor area, or exceeds 14 feet in height, or 14 feet in width or depth, must obtain a building permit prior to constructing or placing the structure on the lot. A building permit shall not be required for an accessory structure that does not exceed any of these thresholds unless the structure is to be permanently attached to the ground.

 No accessory structure shall be located less than 30 feet from any front property line, and not less than four feet from any rear or side property lines. On corner lots, prior consultation with the Code Enforcement Officer is recommended to determine applicable setbacks.

Accessory outbuildings, including garages, carports, storage sheds and greenhouses, must be located behind the front building line of the principal structure on the lot. Accessory outbuildings may not be equipped with sink or toilet services, nor may they contain living space for temporary or permanent human habitation.

There are similar rules for other towns, but to be sure, check with your own local city or town office. 

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