Shed Prices

All Prices Include...

  • On-Site Installation & Leveling
  • Solid concrete block foundation
  • 2x6" pressure treated floor joists
  • 3/4" plywood floor
  • 2x4" wall framing
  • LP SmartSide siding
  • 4" Roof overhangs
  • Aluminum drip edge
  • 30 year architectural shingles
  • Gable vents
  • Heavy duty locking door hardware
  • All taxes are included in the price (i.e. no added sales tax)
Some other shed companies offer these important items as add-ons for an extra fee. We include them as part of the base price. With Utica Shed Pros, you'll get a long-lasting, low-maintenance shed that looks great for years.

Shed Prices by Size

Extra Large

Sizes: 10x16 - 12x20

Square feet: 160 - 240

Price range: $5,000+


Sizes: 8x16 - 10x14

Square feet: 100 - 140

Price range: $4,000+


Sizes: 6x10 - 8x12

Square feet: 60 - 96

Price range: $3,000+


Sizes: 4x8 - 6x8

Square feet: 32 - 48

Price range: $2,000+

Specific prices are on the Price List (download below)

Our PDF price list includes prices on specific size sheds, plus all available options (extra windows, etc)

Prices may change without notice

Pricing Factors

The price of a shed comes from these factors:
  • Material and labor costs - These vary with the size of shed and extra options you choose.
  • Overhead: The extra expenses that the owner has to cover. For example trucks, insurance, advertising, and pre-fab workspace costs for larger companies.
  • Desired profit: This changes with the size of the company.  So, if you can find a well designed shed that is from a company that runs efficiently, you’ll get a better deal.  
If you deal with a smaller owner-operated company, typically you’ll get better value for your money.

What to do next?

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